Yorath (ユタ Yuta) was Cyllis' attendant in the game Chaos Rings Omega. He was the final product of Cyllis' Congloms and was thought to be a candidate capable of defeating the Qualia, according to Cyllis. You encounter him throughout the game after Vahti and Ohm have been kidnapped by Cyllis where he will reveal more information about the truth behind Cyllis to you as you travel through each dungeon to battle the guardians. At one point, he will return Ohm to you, revealing that he does not agree with some of Cyllis' actions. You first battle against him at the Conglom Plant along with Cyllis where it is revealed that Ohm has been taken once more. After defeating Cyllis, she retreats after Yorath expresses his concern over the state of her frail body. You battle against Yorath once more, where you lose after he casts "Divine Diversion", causing an blowout. After, Olgar joins the battle and defeats Yorath at which point he falls back. Olgar then sacrifices himself in order to save Vahti and Ohm. Vieg, driven by rage, relentlessly attacks monsters until he is stopped by Vahti to brings him to his senses. Vieg then takes on the name Olgar and the two head to defeat Cyllis. After reaching a certain point in the 46th subterranean floor of Conglom Plant, you encounter Yorath once more. You are now able to defeat him after learning the "Intuit (Divine Diversion)" skill. After defeating him, Vahti begins to lose strength after pushing herself to assist Olgar. Yorath heals her as a sign of good faith and leaves. He makes his final appearance after the party defeats Cyllis the Progenitor. He informs the party that the door to the Outer World has been opened and stays with Cyllis. He questions what his name means, and Cyllis answers him saying that it means "Worthy Leader".


  • He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.
  • The art book that was included with the limited edition release of Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy lists his height as 182 cm and his blood type as "unknown." His age is "unknown, but he appears 27" according to the art book.

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