Vahti, in the original CR

Vahti Pauwell (ヴァティー vatī) is the wife of Vieg and is partnered with him in both Chaos Rings. She is the daughter of Dante and Rachel.

Story in Chaos Rings OmegaEdit

Vahti is newlywed to Vieg and is pregnant with a son when they and her parents are summoned to the Ark Arena. Because she was expectant, Vieg and Dante, then Olgar, travel the four dungeons as a pair while she stayed in bed. With the help of Vieg and all the women, she gives birth to baby Ohm right before the first Arena fight. When Dante dies after saving her and Ohm in the Conglom Plant, she joins Vieg in journeying through the plant to destroy Cyllis, after leaving Ohm in the care of Piu-Piu. After defeating Cyllis once and for all, Vahti and Vieg exit through the Original Door and are granted immortality and eternal youth.

Story in Chaos RingsEdit

10,000 years after winning the first Ark Arena, Vahti and Olgar are summoned to the Ark Arena again, this time fighting their distant descendants (excluding Ayuta). In certain timespaces, the two are defeated by Escher and Musiea and in another, they are defeated by Ayuta and Shea. In their own route though, it is revealed by Mana to Olgar before the fourth dungeon that what he thought was Vahti the entire time was actually Theia's clone with Vahti's exact appearance, memories, and personalities. The actual Vahti was put in cold sleep, and only after Olgar defeated Ayuta could Vahti be saved. However, she later sustains fatal injuries from fighting the Executioner and collapses after defeating the True Agent. Mana revives her by giving her the last of her lifeforce, and the two continue to defeat the Almighty and the Qualia. After the last fight, Vahti and Vieg wish to go back to their lives before they were summoned to the Ark Arena the first time and without immortality or eternal youth this time. Vahti is relieved at the thought of finally being able to become a grandmother.

If the player chooses to go through the Original Door, the Ark will explode after giving Vahti and Olgar eternal life and youth. They then decide to throw away their weapons and spend the rest of their time together, even though they know Earth will be destroyed if they cannot produce strong descendants.


  • She is voiced by Ayano Niina in both Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Ω.
  • The art book that was included with the limited edition release of Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy lists her blood type as B. In Chaos Rings Ω, she is 18 years old and 174 cm tall. In Chaos Rings, she is is 176 cm tall, and her age is "unknown, but she appears 30" according to the art book.

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