The Herald is a gigantic angel-like being carrying a trumpet. It is the combined form of The Four Horsemen and acts as a guard for Bachs, Amon's human manifestation. although it appears angelic from afar, its image during conversation reveals that its face is a mask concealing a monstrous visage.


The Herald originally appears as the guard of Bachs. Darwin, after killing Orlando, attacks Bachs, but is forced into battle with the Herald. Darwin is promptly defeated, and Orlando's Ophanim is repelled. The Herald prompty appears during each of Bachs's formal appearances, althought it doesn't do anything. When Marie is the final sacrifice, Darwin attempts to attack Bachs and prevent Marie's death. Both of them are thus forced into battle with the Herald, who mortally wounds Marie. Later, during the assault on The All-Seeing Eye, The Four Horsemen appear and merge into the Herald to face Darwin. However, they are defeated and seemingly eradicated, opening the path to Amon.

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