Chaos Rings 1 and OmegaEdit

Manual DefinitionEdit

When a character uses an element-related command, their own element will change to that of the command. There are three elements: Blaze, Aqua, and Gale. When you use against an enemy that is weak against that element, they will do extra damage. Blaze will always defeat Gale, Aqua will always defeat Blaze, and Gale will always defeat Aqua.

Chaos Rings 2Edit

Manual DefinitionEdit

Characters and monsters have an initial elemental attribute - Blaze, Aqua, or Gale - that defines their strong and weak points. Blaze is effective against Gale, Aqua against Blaze, and Gale against Aqua. Aim at weaknesses to deal great damage. Note that using elemental-Type commands will alter the user's innate elemental attribute for the duration of the battle.

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