The Almighty (全能者 zennousha) orchestrates the Ark Arena and controls the Executioner and the Agent. It is revealed in Olgar and Ayuta's story that the Almighty is the manifestation of Theia's knowledge, as it is directly connected to her cranial nerve. After defeating her, the couple can proceed to the Final Door, where they can fight the Qualia. She can be defeated multiple times if the player wishes, by going to the top floor of Bereshith Road.
The Almighty


No Result


No Result


Bereshith Road

Hit Points

24000 (E/M, E/Z) 29300 (A/S, O/V)


The Almighty is able to act twice per turn.

Gene CommandsEdit

Steal Item yieldsEdit


  • None


  • Almighty is an Abrahamic term for God. It is synonymous with omnipotent. Omnipotence (from Latin: Omni Potens: "all power") is unlimited power.
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  • Theia's original body, seemingly encased in metal, is attached to the Almighty's head. However, her features cannot be seen.
  • The Almighty bears heavy resemblance to SHODAN from the System Shock series.

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