Rachel is a character in Chaos Rings Omega. She is very good looking for her age and for some reason she looks very strong but is not available in battle. After the first two dungeons, Ohm's birth, and the ark arena is over, when you go to her room you will see some unpleasant things. Rachel is laying down on the ground with only half of her body left and she is covered in blood. A few dungeons later you find out that Cyllis is the one responsible for this.

Even though she dies in the game she is back in the Extra Mode where she is still not allowed to be in battle. In this mode she is there the whole time but is useless. In the Original mode she stays and watches over Young Vahti because of her pregnancy. But in extra mode she just stands there and triggers a few tiny funny scenes. But she was still useless. She might join the series again and be available in battle because in one of the few titles in the series called, Chaos Rings Sigma all the characters will come back and five new characters will come. Rachel is briefly mentioned in Chaos Rings Original By Olgar And Vahti when they are sad about their parents loss.

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