The enemy of all life, the Qualia exists only to consume matter, including entire timespaces. The Ark Arena was created for the purpose of destroying the Qualia, after the original founders' home planet was destroyed by it. The Final Couple, the winners of the tournament, are responsible for procreating descendants who will eventually, 10,000 years later, either destroy the Qualia or go back in time themselves as the Final Couple to further strengthen the human race. In the final ending to Chaos Rings, however, the four couples, each winners of the tournament in their respective time space, band together and defeat the Qualia.

Before its eventual defeat, which saved the universe of Chaos Rings, the Qualia destroyed another universe which was recreated by Amon and Neron and which is the main setting of Chaos Rings II.


There are 4 different Qualia to fight. The player assigns each couple to fight each Qualia and each couple has one last time before the fight to make any adjustment to genes, equipment, etc.

The different Qualia can be identified by their background colors. The first three represent each of the different elemental genes (ie: the red Qualia uses fire Genes such as Karma) and generally attack with genes of that type, but the final Qualia with the white background is capable of using all three elements, so it is best to avoid using genes on it until it has used one first.

The Qualia is one of the enemies that can attack twice per turn. It can also use the Attach genes, which it will generally use to attach an element to one or both of the player's characters and then attack with an opposing element before they can strike back. Each Qualia is of a higher level than the one before it, with the levels increasing by 5; the final Qualia is of Level 50. It's thus recommended that all characters level up to at least Level 43 before trying to take on the Qualia.



  • Piu-Piu can summon a mock Qualia as one of his physical attacks. It does not have the real Qualia's abilities and merely deals the player characters some damage on contact.

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