The Ophanim are enemies and summonable beasts in Chaos Rings II. Each Ophan contains Neron's power and the spirit of the human from which they are born. Their appearnaces are based on myths told to their creators, and their creators' beliefs. Almost all the protagonists in Chaos Rings II has an Ophan, except Darwin.

Ophan OrlandoEdit

A silver, wolf-like beast with wings, green details on its body and glowing green eyes. It first appears after Orlando's sacrifice. When summoned, it unleashes its Gale-element attack, Gale Roar. It is the first Ophan in the game.

Ophan ArakiEdit

A large, humanoid silver being with glowing blue eyes and blue detail. It resembles a Japanese Oni and wields a large sword. When summoned, it unleashes the Aqua-element attack, Brilliant Rain. The point in the game when it is fought depends when the player chooses to sacrifice Araki.

Ophan Li HuaEdit

A bird-human hybrid being with red, metallic scales and silver skin. It resembles a phoenix. When summoned it unleashes the Fire-element attack, Blazing Wings. The point in the game when it is fought depends on when the player chooses to sacrifice Li Hua.

Ophan ConorEdit

A silver horse or unicorn with blue and gold detail. When summoned, it uses Crave Horn to boost the characters' Critical Rate. The point in the game when it is fought depends on when the player chooses to sacrifice Conor.

Ophan MarieEdit

A humanoid being resembling woman clad in a long pink floral dress. She has a halo behind her head and has no facial features, as her skin is completely black and flat. When summoned, she heals and restores the characters with Holy Solace. The effect of this varies depending on the level of the Charge Gauge; at any level it heals all HP and gets rid of all status effects, but from Level 2 onwards it can restore all MP. She is the penultimate Ophan, fought after Marie's sacrifice.

Ophan LessicaEdit

An angelic being resembling a winged angel or seraph clad in feathers and armor. She wields a sword and can stop time using Divine Judgement. She seems to be damaged after her initial battle, as she is lacking one eye. She first appears when Lessica fuses with Amon and sacrifices herself. She is the final Ophan in the game. Unlike all the others, she contains Amon's power instead of Neron's.

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