Neron (ネロン), The Destroyer is an incredibly powerful cosmic entity who is bound by Amon, the Creator, in the Earth's core. He is the deuteragonist of Chaos Rings II. Much like The Almighty, he must be defeated to reach Amon and the true ending of the game.


Neron is Amon's counterpart, and is destined to eternally fight Amon. Neron symbolises destruction, while Amon symbolises life. The two fought endlessly through space, and eventually came to a universe destroyed by the Qualia. The two had a colossal battle that recreated the universe and the Earth in it, but Neron was destroyed in the battle and appeared to perish. Amon's existence was dependent on other recognising its existence, therefore without Neron to recognise and fight it and no life to worship it, it would eventually vanish and fade away. To counter this, it seemingly revived Neron without free will, and bound it in the core of the Earth. However, the amount of power provided by this was negligible. Neron's power created humans and life on Earth. To take advantage of this, Amon created the Rite of Resealing, to get all the humans to pray to it at once. One individual's prayers are insignificant to Amon, but when the entire population of Earth prays at once, Amon gains the same amount of power as it once did from Neron. The actual goal of the Rite is to spread belief in Amon and wipe out most of humanity, only allowing those with the greatest faith in Amon to survive. The Nominator of the Rite returns to Earth and spreads Amon's gospel to the survivors. Throughout the Rite Neron is believed to be the antagonist, but the monsters and Earth's destruction are actually all Amon's creations.


Neron is mostly unseen throughout the game, although he is believed to be the source of the monsters and destruction throughout the world. After the second sacrifice is made, he sends the Tentacle into the atmosphere to attack The All-Seeing Eye but is repulsed. If the player chooses the Good Ending story path, they must defeat Neron. His defeat allows the True Good Ending Story Path open. Neron is fought at the lowest point of Abaddon.

At first Darwin faces Neron alone, but is heavily injured. Orlando's resolve allows him to fight and Lessica arrives to support him, and eventually they defeat Neron. However, Darwin seems to die from his wounds. In actuality, he is transported to a strange area, possibly the afterlife, where Neron entrusts him with his Sopia. At this point Neron dies, allowing Darwin to take his power and return to the realm of the living. Due to his death, Abaddon is also destroyed.

After escaping Abaddon, Lessica reveals to the protagonists that the Rite of Resealing and the apocalypse are actually due to Amon, not Neron, and that humans are born of Neron, and contain some of his power.


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