Musiea (ミューシャ Myūsha) is coupled with Escher as one of the two starting couples. She attempts to kill Escher several times in the beginning, and the two seem to have a very bad relationship, leading others to wonder why they were paired together.

Biography / Story Edit

Escher's only childhood friend. She was brought to him, so he could watch over her, as the thieves looked around for someone interested in buying her. She and Escher became good friends, as a brother and younger sister. He helps her escape to avoid slavery, promising to find her again one day. Escher receives many beatings for this. She was brought to an orphanage, where her name was changed, and she was raised. She changed her name from Aida to when she was baptized. She reveals this to Escher during the fight with Zhamo and Eluca.

After the death of the priest and nuns, she took charge and began taking care of the orphans. She later left the orphanage to get revenge, as well as find her childhood friend. Even after knowing the truth, a part of her is not ready to forgive Escher, at least until it is shown that he never actually killed the priest and nuns.

During the Eluca and Zhamo route, before fighting them, all misunderstandings seem to have been clear, and appears to have forgiven him. Escher's sly comments appear to show that they have again become very close. During Ayuta/Shea and Olgar/Vahti's routes, it appears that Escher and are lovers to begin with, with remarking that Escher protects her while she cares for orphans.


  • She is voiced by Marina Inoue.
  • The art book that was included with the limited edition release of Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy lists her age as 21 years old, her height as 162 cm, and her blood type as A.