Meg is a character in Chaos Rings II. She is the latest addition to Piu-Piu's papier-mache cutout women. Her appearance was foreshadowed in the Extra Mode of Chaos Rings Ω, in which she is unfinished and part of the Piu-Piu Collection. She is placed directly behind Piu-Piu during battle and behind Catherine and Jodie during normal gameplay.


Meg is dressed just like Catherine and Jodie, in Piu-Piu's bikini top and long halter pants. She is blonde.


Meg does not do very much during the game, as she is not alive (although Piu-Piu thinks she is). Unlike her comrades Catherine and Jodie she is not featured on the P.U.B. menu. It is not known what happens to Meg or her comrades after the events of the True Good Ending.

If the player gets the "Yours Truly Returns" ending, she, Catherine and Jodie are incinerated when Piu-Piu re-enters the Earth's atmosphere after destroying The All-Seeing Eye. They are then reconstructed by the male characters, under Piu-Piu's orders. This ending is not considered canon.

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