Marble Blue is the name given by the humans of Earth to their planet in a far future. It is one of the main settings of Chaos Rings III.


Marble Blue (not yet named such) was the Earth in the timeline Vieg, Vahti and Ohm arrived at after they defeated Cyllis and escaped from the Ark Arena, where they became the progenitors of humanity.

As expected, ten thousand years later, the Qualia came to the universe to destroy it, though this time it was finally defeated through the efforts of Vieg, Vahti, Escher, Musiea, Eluca, Zhamo, Ayuta and Shea. With the Qualia no longer a threat, humanity prospered on Earth, which later came to be renamed 'Marble Blue'.

However, an unknown amount of years later, Marble Blue was threatened by a creature only known as the Entity. The humans of Marble Blue put up a fight to no avail, so they decided to build a total of 1000 ships to escape the planet to somewhere else in the universe. The first 998 ships managed to leave Marble Blue; the 999th ship, known as the Terraformer Ark, crashed, killing all the humans on board, while the final one, Satellite Base Theia stayed in the orbit of Marble Blue.

The Entity turns out to have come to Marble Blue not to destroy it, but only to lay its egg on it. After it leaves the planet, it becomes infested with monsters, and becomes off-limits to all but Explorers - people sanctioned to harness Genes containing the planet's power.

Over time, Marble Blue itself and the ancient civilization which prospered before the Entity's arrival acquires a mythlike status among the people of Theia, who, as far as they are concerned, are the last of the humans in the universe.

Chaos Rings III Edit

In Chaos Rings III, Marble Blue is a desolate land and people are now living in an ark that is referred to as Theia. Theia is locked within the orbit of Marble Blue therefore it orbits it and cannot departure for deep space travels or explorations. People have no knowledge of this planet so they send out people referred to as explorers to investigate and learn more about Marble Blue and the history of mankind. In the game, the protagonist can visit various places in Marble Blue to explore:

  • Sunken City
  • Magma Ocean

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