Profile Edit

Leary (リアリー) is a 17 year old girl who also happens to be a descendant of the Merfolk, mutants who possess the ability to speak to animals as well as the ability to access certain powers of Water such as healing powers, levitation, and the power to create a water spout tornado.

Originally, Leary stayed on an island with her father. However, Shyamalan and Team Sheva arrived in an attempt to capture the Merfolks for their healing powers. In order to protect Leary, her father asked her to hide and revealed himself to Shyamalan, resulting in his capture. Leary then decided to become an Explorer so she can hunt for Shyamalan and find her father.

When she first met the Protagonist and Daisuke, she commented that she had no family, but Daisuke assured her that they would be both her friends and family. However, she could not bury her burden and still persisted to find her father. Eventually, she left the team in secret to go after Team Sheva, but they had her trapped on their airship. The Protagonist, along with Daisuke and Al, went after them to rescue both Merfolks. Unfortunately, the mission went haywire and the Protagonist's team were trapped in an incinerating room. Leary's father performed one last noble act by sacrificing himself to shield the team, resulting in his death and turning into a gift that can heal any illnesses.

It is at this time that her loyalty to her friends is shown, when she willingly sacrificed her father's gift in order to cure the Protagonist's heavy injuries as the airship crashed onto the Magma Ocean.

Her powers became prominent when she was taken by grief as Daisuke's mother, Haruko's health seem to be failing, causing her to weep. Her tears was able to fuse into the Mother Gene and enhanced its abilities, therefore bringing back Haruko to life. In a later episode in Primordia, she was able to use her powers to levitate the entire team to safely land in a very deep gap.

Combat Edit

Leary uses a metallic gun ring, which is manufactured by Volhelm Industries. She is very proficient in switching between attacking hits and power, which makes her able to suit into any role. With Asura Lotus, she is able to deal up to 30 hits depending on the ring she is equipping. Because of this, she is very efficient in taking on high leveled Eggons, which has 30 hits of life points.

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