Lachesis is the one of the Humans who lived in the Terraformer Theia. She lives in District 14 of New Paleo and owns the shop "The Mad Modder," where the Player can modify their weapons, armor and accessories with additional stats or elemets based on the items that the Player salvages from monsters. the more the items gives good stats, the higher the ML is.

Lachesis is also the sister of the sinister Drei 6, and also the one who helped Alfred by providing him mechanical legs.


Lachesis has a very sarcastic and a sharp tongue towards its customers but behind those sharp words are the feelings that she is very kind-hearted and worried about the others, especially Alfred. She has a Pony-tailed purple hairstyle, a sharp glare, and a busty front, which makes Leary a little jealous. She also wears a white lab coat and has a mechanical arm, which is made when her brother disables her arms for unknown reason, but she does not hate her brother despite what he'd done.


Alfred met Lachesis when he was in the verge of mutation, and wrapped in hatred towards Drei 6 for kidnapping both his daughter and wife. Lachesis helped Alfred gain mechanical legs to replace the mutated part, but in a condition of not letting himself die while pursuing the culprit.

The Protagonist cannot access her shop until a certain quest is made. when completed, you can access her shop anytime for modifying your equipment. She is also doing some certain requests for the protagonist to gather her some items for her work.

When Alfred's Mechanical Legs malfunctioned after their confrontation with Drei 6 at the Forgotten Village, Lachesis made a condition with Alfred not to betray the Protagonist for exchange of fixing his legs.

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