This Gene Plate is only present in Chaos Rings. It is in a separate category above the other three animal-type Gene Plates, and can only be swapped out with Human Mage Genes.

As the story progresses, these abilities unlock one at a time at major events. Each of the Human Gene Plates will be slightly different in each scenario. The Human Gene Plates are complete when they contain 6 of the 8 skills listed here; there will always be 3 Normal Genes and 3 Battle Genes.

Gene Name Skill Type Target Effect Duration MP cost
Trompe-L'œil Normal Gene Icon Single Enemy Depletes Break Gauge and has a low chance to cancel target's action None 40 MP
Risk Breaker Normal Gene Icon Single Enemy Kamikaze attack that uses HP None 70 MP
Berserk Mode Normal Gene Icon Single Ally Increases Attack 5 Turns 50 MP
Asura Lotus Normal Gene Icon Single Enemy 2-5 Hit Combo Attack (Solo)/2-3 Hit Combo Attack (Pair) None 300 MP
Physical Block Battle Gene Icon Self Gives user a chance to neutralize physical attacks Infinite N/A
Recover HP Every Turn Battle Gene Icon Self Recovers 5% of HP at end of each turn Infinite N/A
Critical First Attack Battle Gene Icon Self First attack is always a critical One Attack N/A
Critical Pierce Battle Gene Icon Self Ignores target's defence during a critical Infinite N/A

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