This Gene Plate is only present in Chaos Rings. It is in a separate category above the other three animal-type Gene Plates, and can only be swapped out with Human Warrior Genes.

As the story progresses, these abilities unlock one at a time at major events. Each of the Human Gene Plates will be slightly different in each scenario. The Human Gene Plates are complete when they contain 6 of the 8 skills listed here; there will always be 3 Normal Genes and 3 Battle Genes.

Gene Name Skill Type Target Effect Duration MP cost
Mental Wall Normal Gene Icon Single Ally Reflects magic effects once 5 Turns 30 MP
Braveheart Normal Gene Icon Single Ally Prevents Fallen once Until Ally dies 60 MP
Bind Normal Gene Icon Single Enemy Disables special abilities 5 Turns 30 MP
Moonlight Shadow Normal Gene Icon Single Ally Invincible until next turn 1 Turn 200 MP
MP 1/2 Battle Gene Icon Self Reduces MP usage by half Infinite N/A
Boost Critical Battle Gene Icon Self Deals double damage during a critical Infinite N/A
Magic Block Battle Gene Icon Self Gives user a chance to neutralize magic attacks Infinite N/A
Recover MP Every Turn Battle Gene Icon Self Recovers 5% of MP at end of turn Infinite N/A

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