In the Chaos Rings Ω main game, this gene plate is called Berserker genes. Hero genes is its name in the extra content.

The Hero gene plate is one of the special Human Gene Plates which can only be switched with Sage, Royal Talon, or Court Engineer.

Gene Name Skill Type Target Effect Duration MP cost
Berserk Mode Normal Gene Icon Single Ally Increases Attack 5 Turns 25
Asura Lotus Normal Gene Icon Single Enemy Solo: 2-5 Hit Combo Attack
Pair: 2-3 Hit Combo Attack
None 150
Risk Breaker Normal Gene Icon Single Enemy Kamikaze attack that uses HP None 35
Critical First Attack Battle Gene Icon Self First Attack is always a critical Infinite N/A
Critical Pierce Battle Gene Icon Self Ignores target's defense during a critical Infinite N/A
Physical Block Battle Gene Icon Self Gives user a chance to neutralize physical attacks Infinite N/A

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