Garrick with partner Alto.

Garrick appears at the beginning of Chaos Rings. He plays a short-lived role due to attempting to attack The Agent rather than be forced to fight to the death with the other participants. In Chaos Rings Ω, he appears in Extra Mode as an antagonist. His partner is Alto.

Chaos RingsEdit


Garrick's last words in defiance of The Agent.

Garrick and Alto are summoned to the Ark Arena along with the other 4 pairs. Why they are there is unknown, as only four couples are supposed to compete. When The Agent appears and explains the rules of the Ark Arena, Garrick attempts to attack him alone. The Agent strikes Garrick down with little effort. The Executioner then appears and annihilates Garrick. His death demonstrates to the other participants the futility of disobeying the rules of the Ark Arena. Alto is left in a state of shock due to Garrick's loss; in most campaigns she goes mad and is defeated by the player, but in Escher's campaign Olgar defeats her. Either way, she is also finished off by the Executioner.

In Olgar's campaign, Garrick and Alto do not appear at all.

Chaos Rings ΩEdit

In Extra Mode in Chaos Rings Ω, Garrick and Alto serve as frequent annoyances and antagonists. They are among the people summoned by Piu-Piu to retrieve the Piu-Piu Collection. This version of Garrick has a very inflated opinion of himself and speaks with an accent. He and Alto often appear to harass Olgar and his companion, but are defeated and yield several pieces of the Piu-Piu Collection upon defeat. Due to their proud and self-centred personalities, they always make up reasons for their loss, such as Olgar having cheated or possessing superior equipment. In the next battle they will try to overcome this "weakness"; for example, after believing they didn't have enough healing items, in the next battle they do nothing but heal with Last Suppers for three turns. In each appearance they get stronger; eventually they gain new outfits which are just like their old outfits, except totally white. They change their names to "Eternal Garrick" and "Eternal Alto" and get engaged. In the final battle, they also bring along a Lion-type Conglom as a "pet". After suffering another crushing defeat, Garrick is finally at a loss for words.

Chaos Rings IIEdit

Garrick makes a cameo in Chaos Rings II as the final P.U.B. boss of the April 2012 update, My Fang is All About the Magnum!, alongside Alto. The two appear as Shadows, and are both at level 150. Garrick and Alto make a devesting combo, but can be attacked and defeated quickly with the right moveset and some patience. You will need to take care of Alto first; it is unconfirmed if she has healing abilities, but she will constantly buff Garrick to allow him to use his Charge Attack with an extremely high attack bonus, and a very good chance he will get a critical hit.

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