Location: Bereshith Road 46th Floor
Characteristic: None
Weakness: None
Hit Points: 17200
EXP Gained: 6900
OZ Earned: 1050

The Executioner (執行者 shikkousha) is an organically-grown lifeform programmed to ensure that the Ark Arena proceeds smoothly. Follows commands given by the Almighty.It's objectives is to execute insurbodinate participants and also to judge participants' eligibility to open the Final Door.


Gene Commands

  • Mouth of Darkness (Reduce HP to 1 on both target)
  • Cremate
  • ... (Do nothing)
  • Bind
  • Steal HP
  • Predation (Deal 100 damage on single target)
  • Execution (Physical attack on single target)

Steal Item yieldsEdit

  • Vin Brulee


  • None

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