Escher (エッシャー Essha) is a playable character in one of the two starting couples in Chaos Rings. He is partnered with Musiea.


Escher is introduced as a rash but capable swordsman. In the beginning his behavior is quite vicious. He shows little to no regard for anyone but himself and acts as though he could win the Ark Arena single handedly. Escher is an assassin by trade but royalty by birth, kidnapped by thieves at a young age. It was in their care he met a young girl who he cared for like a sister. He grew to care about her so much that he helped her escape from the thieves, despite ruining his standing with them.

In Escher's senario he eventually left the thieves to fight on his own. He killed the priest and the nuns of Musiea's church three years prior to the Ark Arena, which is the reason for her initial hostility. Where as in Eluca & Zhamo's it was done by a traitor in the thieves organisation who he "took care of", though Musiea had seen this and misinterpreted Escher as the killer of her "family".

Escher is the only participant in the Ark Arena who is interested in the prize of immortality, the reason being that he has a heart defect that is soon to be fatal. He refuses to die because he made a promise to the girl he rescued that they'd meet again.


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Upon being brought into the Ark Arena, Musiea immediately lunges at Escher with her rapier. He swiftly dodges her attack and threatens her life should she try it again. The two hold off their attacks after witnessing the futility of fighting against the rules when Garrick is effortlessly struck down before them. Upon nearing the end of Clashing Grounds, Escher and Musiea witness Alto being finished off by the Executioner after apparently falling at the hands of Olgar.

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  • In Chaos Rings II, reading certain documents in the Home area will reveal that Escher and Eluca were participants in the 8th Rite of Resealing, with Escher as the Nominator and Eluca as a Pillar. Whether they are the same characters is unknown, but they are probably not the same as the two could not exist in the same timespace after the events of Chaos Rings.
  • In the update of Chaos Rings Ω in December 2011, an alternate version of Escher is fought in Extra Mode. This version of Escher uses his original design from concept art and has a different skin tone, hair colour and hair style.
  • He is voiced by Junichi Suwabe.
  • The art book that was included with the limited edition release of Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy lists his age as 26 years old, his height as 183 cm, and his blood type as B.