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Elroux (EL - roo) (エルル eruru) is the daughter of Mariv in Chaos Rings III.

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Early Life Edit

Young Elroux appears to be a middle school student, as a daughter of Alfred, a man who lost his memory, with his (factual) second wife, Mariv, a thousand years ago, also in another timeline.

Gifts Edit

Elroux is a Gift. She is the Eldritch Bloom and The Pride of Moseh. Elroux became the Eldritch Bloom due to an incident involving The Entity. Dufti, her uncle, was looking for the sacrifice that would insure the safety of her home. Elroux runs with Nazca from her prison. Eventually, reaching the outside where she sees the evacuation ships become demolished by the entity, also seeing as though everyone starts to die around her she hands herself over to Durfti. She is taken to Where

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Life Returns And is Reborn, and is put into the core of Marble Blue, and transcends. During this time, The Protagonist is with her. (Referencing him as Nazca, the name the writers gave him by default.) Nazca came from the current years, trying to save her. Near the end of the story Elroux is left to do the same thing she did 1,000 years ago. But in the transcending state Nazca jumps in after her. Nazca appears with his memories without Elroux. Why did Nazca have his memories? Is an unanswered question. Perhaps he did because he never lived in a past live, so in that, he is stuck in a time-loop having to save her over and over again.

Design Edit

Elroux's original design is beautiful, but revealing. She is wearing a White Pareo, and a skirt. At first, before she joins your party, she has a dress, and long white hair with purple highlights. Once she joins you, she cuts her hair, and switches out of the dress, into the Pareo. 1,000 years ago, she had slightly darker skin, and she has the same white dress. She also has light brown or blonde hair.

Family and RelationshipsEdit

  • Maternal Uncle: Dufti
  • Paternal half-sister (possible counterpart): Elina