Elements are a reoccuring game mechanic that appears throughout the Chaos Rings installments. Each element has a weakness and strength, determining how much damage a character will deal to their target. There are a total of 3 elements, while Chaos Rings II adds on 2 more elements.

The following elements:

  • Blaze - The fire element. Symbolized as a red mark. Strong against Gale, weak against Aqua.
  • Aqua - The water element. Symbolized as a blue mark. Strong against Blaze, weak against Gale.
  • Gale - The wind element. Symbolized as a green mark. Strong against Aqua, weak against Blaze.
  • Dark - An element special to Darwin. Deals dark damage. Strong against Holy.
  • Holy - An element special to Lessica. Deals holy damage. Strong against Dark.

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