Dorothy is one of the Protagonist's closest family member. Though not related by blood, Dorothy looks after her ex

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True Form of Dorothy

team-member Leon's children, the Protagonist and his sister, Patty, on Sierra Island. She is originally portrayed as an old lady, which signifies her advanced age, but is also able to turn into a busty young lady, or her "battle form" as she calls it. Dorothy is a Rank V Explorer, which makes her on par with Erik and Johannes, and supposedly stronger than Al, who is a Rank III Explorer. In a later chapter, she is able to take on Drei 6's Gene form, although she did get wounded during the fight.


Dorothy usually assumes her younger form when in battle or performing acts as a Thousand Voyager. Despite this, most people who know her still knows that she is in fact, older than she looks, though why she does this, no one knows why. Leary also commented that all women would love to know her secret of being able to turn into a younger form. It is possible that she is accessing Genes like Drei 6 to turn into her younger form. However,

we later know in-game that she has 3 children: Crow, the eldest son; Erik, the second son; and Brigit, the youngest and only daughter. Dorothy lamented during the Chancellor's Cup that she did not do a good job bringing up Erik, which causes him to be hot-headed and only care for fighting.

She appears to be a sentimental person, when she decided to go into the Magma Ocean to look for Leon when she found his dog-tags. On top of that, she is pleased that the Protagonist can become a strong Explorer and defeat her during the Chancellor's Cup. On the other hand, she is also very objective, using her battle skills to discover the strength behind the Protagonist and realising that the Protagonist's team were accessing genes through him, which causes him to have an earlier exposure to mutation.


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Battle Form of Dorothy

Dorothy uses a blood red scythe-looking polearm during battle. She is able to access fire and dark Gene skills to seal her opponent's skills, and when forced to unleash her wrath, she is able to swipe her polearm repeatedly against all her foes in a fashion similar to Johanne's Mercedes Zone. Dorothy never uses her aged version in combat because it restricts her strength.

Family Members

  • Crow - oldest son
  • Erik - middle son
  • Brigit - youngest daughter
  • Auz - even though Lachesis mentions he is "the father", Dorothy herself tells you that Auz was her husband, although they are divorced for reasons unknown. Dorothy also suspects that Auz is immortal and warns the party about him.

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