Conglom Plant on the World Selection screen

Conglom Plant is the final location in Chaos Rings Omega. It is where the Congloms are produced and is where Cyllis's robot form is stored. It is basically an inverted, dark version of Bereshith Road, featuring similar enemies and a similar goal. At the end it merges with Cyllis's Dreamvale, a realm created from Cyllis's thoughts.


The area is starts as a long path leading to the plant. It's advised that battle in the outside area should be avoided because the heat will keep a permanent burning status on all the player characters. Once inside the Conglom Lab, it is safe. From there the area becomes very similar to Bereshith Road, containing several terminals with the same information, as well as one explaining Cyllis's nature, as well as similar enemies. Like on Bereshith Road, the goal is to reach elevators which lead to the final boss, but these elevators go to floors in the underbelly of the Ark instead of the top. Another feature of the area similar to Bereshith Road is that at one point it connects to the Arena platform. After fighting Yorath there, Vieg and Vahti enter Cyllis's Dreamvale.



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