Come Again Billiken
Location: Any Dungeon, rare
Gene Type: Panda Genes
Characteristic: No results
Weakness: No results
Hit Points: 80-100 * lvl
EXP Gained: 10000 + (2 ^ last digit of lvl) * level - (2 ^ last digit of lvl)
OZ Earned: 70000 + (10 * lvl)


Come Again Billiken yields unusually large amounts of OZ. Use Paradise Apple (Wisdom) if available in order to maximize OZ gain. Note that Tomorrow Billiken gives high amounts of EXP.


Gene CommandsEdit

Steal Item yieldsEdit



The Billiken is a charm doll that was made by an art teacher from St. Louis, Missouri in 1908 in the image of a dream that she experienced. Billikens are said to give good luck to the person who purchases them, but more good luck is supposed to befall those who receive a Billiken as a gift. (Read more...)

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