Chaos Rings Sigma is the next installment of the Chaos Rings series following Chaos Rings II. The game trailer was shown during TGS and will feature all characters from previous installments including Escher, Darwin, etc. It has been announced that the game will be an online RPG with multiplayer and will be free to play. It will let you play as some previous characters you were not aloud to use in the other titles like, Kushina, Rachel, Yorath, Garrick, Alto, and Cyllis. The game will have about five new playable characters seen in trailer. The trailer has much different music that we have seen in the other three titles. Many say Chaos Rings Sigma will be the 4th title of the series but, Chaos Rings III(3) is the 4th title released in japan before Sigma. It will probably be available in US before Sigma to. Was cancelled October 26th, 2015.

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