CRO Scenario (Extra) Opening
CRO Scenario (Extra) New Game

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CRO Scenario (Extra) End Game

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CRO Scenario List (Extra)

Scenario List (1)

CRO Scenario List (Extra) Card 1

Piu-Piu Card 1

CRO Scenario (Extra) Collection List

Collection List

The extra content is a tongue-in-cheek dungeon crawler. Piu-Piu has lost several personal items throughout the dungeon and has summoned the characters to come collect them. He offers a reward to those who successfully return his things.

This time around, while Vieg is still the main protagonist, the player may choose to venture forth with either Vahti or Dante. Rachel, meanwhile, stays in the main lobby and will examine your treasure finds for additional items and equipment. Your main antagonists are Garrick and Alto, who you will remember are the couple who were eliminated in the opening scenes of the original game.

Along the way, the player may collect unique weapons, armor and jewels, which the game will track in a collection list on your Camp screen.

The map contains 25 Boss Enemies, 12 special chests, and numerous regular chests. The player can find Piu-Piu's items as boss battle drops, in special chests, and in several other secret places throughout the dungeons and lobby. The player can find the unique collectibles in chests, as stolen items from enemies, as rewards and in several other secret places throughout the dungeons and lobby.

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