Achievement Points How Obtained Secret
Cavity Buster 50 Defeat Progenitor's Tooth.
Jawbreaker 50 Defeat Progenitor's Jaw.
Pelvic Pummeler 50 Defeat Progenitor's Pelvis.
Viceral Victor 50 Defeat Progenitor's Viscera.
Tongue Lasher 50 Defeat Progenitor's Tongue.
Spine Tingler 50 Defeat Progenitor's Spine.
Eye for an Eye 50 Defeat Progenitor's Left Eye and Progenitor's Right Eye.
Skull Reaver 50 Defeat Progenitor's Skull.
Child Combatants 50 Defeat Yorath.
Parental Praise 50 Defeat Dante and Rachel.
First Purchase 5 Buy an item from Piu-Piu.
Weapon Collector 30 Obtain over 50 weapons.
Armor Collector 30 Obtain over 50 pieces of armor.
Jewel Collector 35 Collect over 15 jewels.
Royal Talon 10 Deal over 5,000 damage.
Overkiller 15 Deal over 10,000 damage.
Omnismasher 25 Deal over 30,000 damage.
Moneybags 10 Obtain over 100,000 OZ.
Bounty Hunter 15 Obtain over 1,000,000 OZ.
Money Miser 25 Obtain over 7,770,000 OZ.
Unstoppable Duo 10 Defeat over 500 enemies.
Gold is Good 5 Defeat The Ultimate Agent.
Smashing Stripes 5 Defeat The Almighty (Striped).
Garrick in Perpetuum 10 Defeat Garrick.
Push Comes to Shove 20 Defeat Perturbed Piu-Piu.
Beyond Berserk 50 Defeat Berserk Piu-Piu
First Time Parent 5 Buy one of Ohm's childcare items.
Father Figure 15 Creator (Ohm)'s Attack exceeds 250.
Dad of the Year 80 Creator (Ohm)'s Attack reaches its peak.
Gene Therapist 5 Obtain your first gene.
Gene Engineer 15 Obtain over 50% of the genes.
Gene Splicer 80 Obtain 100% of the genes.

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