Celestial Diva is the theme song of Chaos Rings II. It is performed by Minori Chihara, who voices Lessica. An abridged version of the song also serves as Lessica's battle theme and is performed by her three times during the game. Several songs from the game's soundtrack, including Chaos Rings II (song), With the Power of Our Feelings, Hallowed Beast, contain instrumental excerpts from the song.


The song is first heard in-game when Marie hears Lessica singing it in the Library of The All-Seeing Eye. Lessica tells her it is a song for one who is going away and that the person who taught it to her used to sing it before each Pillar was sacrificed. Marie enjoys the song and later asks Lessica to sing it when Marie is sacrificed.

True to her word, Lessica sings the song during Marie's sacrifice. Thus, it serves as the battle theme of Ophan Marie. The song in this battle is arranged as a ballad and is slower and less upbeat than the normal version of the song. The normal version is heard while battling Lessica (if the player chooses to fight Neron and follows the Good Ending path).

The song is also the ending theme for the Good Ending, but not the True Good Ending.

Japanese LyricsEdit

Japanese LyricsEdit

(source: [1])

Anata no me ni ochiru uchuu ga
Towa no yo e to kagayaku nara
Himeta omoi ima sacrifice
Kono tsubasa wa ten no kanata e
Tobitatsu tame ja naku
Saigo no toki koishii hito wo
Tsutsumu tame ni aru no
Mashita ya konna ni chi mamireta
Hiiro no sen no hane nara
Kogoeta kokoro no oku made
Atatame naderareru
Kaze ni hoshi ni hana ni
Umare kawatte mo
Hitori zutto watashi
Anata dake wo mitsumeteru
Tozasareta ima wo ikinuite
Sono se ooi sou na yami wa
Kakeru kuroi uma norikonase
Kirameku hagane no ude de itsuka
Shinjitsu no heiwa wo dakitomeru made
Sora wa kanaderu REKUIEMU
No tareta monotachi no yume shizumu daichi ni
Uwaki kami no te de tsukurareta
Sobiedatsu sekai no
Hajimari wa megami ga koboshita
Namida no hitoshizuku
Dakara hito wa ai wo shiru toki
Kanashimi no imi wo satoru
Kyou mo utsukushii yoake e to
Kieru tamashii no chou
Kyomu mo muma mo aku mo
Shi wo mo osorenai
Koko de zutto watashi
Anata dake wo matteiru
Sadame ga saki ni atte
Inochi wa erabareru no?
Nozomi tsuzuketara dare ni demo
Mirai wa kaerareru
Tozasareta ima wo ikinuite
Sono se ooi sou na yami wa
Kakeru kuroi uma norikonase
Kirameku hagane no ude de itsuka
Itsuwari no shuuen tachikiru toki ni
Mezame yo hikari SANKUTUSU
Nemureru monotachi no yume ga umu daichi de

English LyricsEdit

If the celestial space cascading into your eyes
Should illuminate an eternal world
Then I shall devote to you the feelings I secretly hold
And perform now a sacrifice

These wings were not meant to fly me
To the far reaches of the heavens
But to envelop my dearly beloved
In my final moments
With these thousands of fiery feathers on my wings
Now deeply soaked in blood
I shall stroke and thaw to the core
That frozen heart

Even if I were to reborn
As the wind, or a star, or a lotus flower
I shall remain alone forever
With eyes for you, and only you

Live through this sealed period of time
The darkness that tries to cloud over your back
Shall serve as your black steed, so tame it
Until the time when you secure true peace
In your gleaming steel arms

A requiem will play in the azure skies
Over the land where the dreams of the fallen souls sink

At the beginning, when the hands of the mighty god 
Moulded this towering world
The goddess shed
A single tear

And so when man learns to love
At the same time, he perceives the meaning of sorrow
Today, another butterfly of the soul
Vanishes into the beautiful dawn

I fear not death
Nor oblivion, nor nightmares, nor evil
I shall remain here forever
Waiting for you, and only you

Because your destiny was decided beforehand
Is that why you choose to live?
Then if one continues to wish so
Anyone can change the future

Live through this sealed period of time
The darkness that tries to cloud over your back
Shall serve as your black steed, so tame it
The time when you sever off the false ending
With your gleaming steel arms

A sanctus will be sung for light to awaken
Over the land where the dreams of the resting souls are born

And you shall live on in the celestial space in my eyes

(Translated by shicalava at Anime Lyrics)


  • In the PV for the song, Chihara is dressed as Lessica.


  • Normal version: [2]
  • Ballad version: [3]
  • Music video (Chihara dressed as Lessica, features some scenes from the game) [4]

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