Throughout the course of the game, the character will be faced with various puzzles which are often required to the progress the story. Each scenario has its own unique puzzle to solve. There are typically four puzzles per dungeon (two in each half), with each dungeon having a certain type of puzzle with its own set of rules.

Additionally, although the puzzle types have similar names across games, each game's puzzles have their own distinct rules.

Chaos Rings Edit

Switch Puzzles
Break Puzzles
Sliding Block Puzzles
Candlestick Puzzles

Chaos Rings Omega Edit

Break Puzzles
Tap blocks to erase them. Pay attention to your ESP limits as you make your way to the goal.
Each block you erase uses one ESP. Each gem you collect adds one ESP.
Candlestick Puzzles
Touch an unlit candlestick to light it, and touch a lit candlestick to put it out.
The candlesticks are connected, so lighting one will cause others around it to light up as well.
Find a way to light all the candlesticks and make your way to the goal.
Slide Puzzles
Touch and slide the blocks to move them in straight lines.
Switches can be activated by placing blocks on them. Activate all the switches and make your way to the goal.
If moving a block hits your character, you will need to try again.


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