Just as in Chaos Rings, the levels in Chaos Rings Omega are broken down into dungeons with their own environmental effects and themes, their own set of monsters, their own puzzles, and their own treasure chests.

During the main story, the dungeons are separate and apart, with their own maps which have a definitive beginning and ending. Similar to the original game, the player may also select the level of the monsters within the dungeon, in 10 level increments. Along the way, the player may solve different puzzles to earn various rewards. Unlike in the original Chaos Rings, however, the player is not required the solve the puzzle before moving on. After a few failures, the game gives you the option of skipping the puzzle at the price of losing out on its prize.

In the extra storyline, the dungeons are interconnected on one large map, with some dungeons having parts that cannot be reached without passing through other parts of the map. Each dungeon also has a crystal that allows the player to take a shortcut back and forth from the lobby. Additionally, the map also shows the location of the bosses and the chests with storyline items. Just as with the main storyline, the player may choose the level for the monsters within the dungeon, but the level applies to monsters on the entire map across all dungeons. The level cap is 200.

For specific details about each dungeon, including maps, monsters, treasures and other notes, please refer to each dungeon's individual page.

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