The Break Gauge is a reoccuring mechanic throughout the Chaos Rings franchise, which shows the status of how the flow of battle is. It is affected through actions caused by both the player's characters and the enemies they face. The Gauge fills up through certain methods.

Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings OmegaEdit

In Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega, the Break Gauge is on the top left corner of the screen. At the start of battle, it appears in a stage called Even, in which bonuses are not applied to either side. When the gauge says Player or Enemy, that side will then accumulate the Advantage. The benefits of having the Advantage includes increased damage and reduced damage from enemy attacks. To gain the Advantage, the player or enemy must perform attacks that either deal critical damage, inflict elemental damage that is effective against the enemy or player, or counter the enemy entirely through slaying that target.

At the beginning of the battle, the first to strike will gain the advantage. The initial amount gained is 4 bars out of 8. When all of the side's bars hit 0, the Advantage is then changed to the other side. That Advantage is then continued as long as the side performs the requirements needed to increase the Break Gauge to their Advantage.

Chaos Rings IIEdit

In Chaos Rings II the Break Gauge functions differently than its predecessors, but still keeps the essential concept. Appearing on the top left corner like the older games, the Gauge begins in a stage called Even. There are subtle differences though. For example, the Advantage is not given to the first attacker. Instead, the Break Gauge must be built up through critical damage, elemental damage that strikes at the target's weakness, killing the target, or the use of the Break Beat skill. The Advantage is also given only in one turn after four bars are accumulated - Once all four are accumulated they can not be interrupted by any ability until the Advantage turn is over.

The same Advantage bonuses are applied. There are a total of 8 bars, although the enemy and player share 4 out of the 8. After the Advantage is given, the Break Gauge returns to Even. The ability Break Beat adds or removes a bar from the Break Gauge per usage (This ability is unique to Darwin).

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