Location: Any Dungeon, rare
Gene Type: Panda Genes
Characteristic: No results
Weakness: No results
Hit Points: 50 * lvl
EXP Gained: 10000 + (lvl^2)
OZ Earned: 1000 + (10 * lvl)


Billikens give significant amounts of EXP. Use of Paradise Apple (Body) is recommended if available in order to maximize EXP gain.


Gene CommandsEdit

Steal Item yieldsEdit



The Billiken is a charm doll that was made by an art teacher from St. Louis, Missouri in 1908 in the image of a dream that she experienced. Billikens are said to give good luck to the person who purchases them, but more good luck is supposed to befall those who receive a Billiken as a gift. (Read more...)

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