This is a work-in-progress Bestiary for Chaos Rings. Eventually, it will list all of the monsters and bosses found in-game, with their respective HP and characteristics (strength, weakness, gene type, etc.). Note that many of the monsters right now only have HP at a certain level - this is because the HP increases as their level increases (without encountering the same enemy multiple times at different levels, this cannot be determined accurately). A final HP amount should look like this: <Base HP> * Level (assuming that's how HP is determined for monsters, please add a "?" by unsure HP stats).

Name Hit Points Gene Type Weakness Characteristic
Cernunnos 55 HP * Level Deer Genes None None
Monkey King 60 HP * Level Monkey Genes None Blaze
Huotou 57,5 HP * Level Dog Genes None Blaze
Ziz 510 at lvl 9 Phoenix Genes Magic Physical
Roc 220 + (30*lvl)? Phoenix Genes Magic Physical
Quetzalcoatl 260 + (30*lvl)? Slug Genes Magic Physical, Gale
Anubis 380 at lvl 3? Dog Genes None None
Mozza  ? Mouse Genes Physical Magic
Pecorino  ? Mouse Genes  ?  ?


 ? Mouse Genes  ?  ?
Arachne  ? Insect Genes Blaze Gale
Airavata  ? Boss, not Gale Elephant Genes none none
Ox King  ?

Hippopotamus Genes

Blaze Gale
Ondine  ? Boss 2 Lvl 1 Fish Genes Magic, Gale Physical, Aqua
Hiruko  ? Insect Genes none none
Sugriva  ? Boss, not Gale Monkey Genes none none
Grendel 690 Lvl 9 Manta Genes Physical, Gale Magic, Aqua
Dragonfish 114 HP * Level Crocodile Genes Gale Aqua
Old One  ? Boss lvl 12 4650 Celestial Genes Magic Physical
Billiken 50 HP * Level Panda Genes None None
Behemoth 54-55 HP * Level Hippopotamus Genes None None
Destrudo 100-101 HP * Level Devil Genes Physical Magic
Wagner 83,15 HP * Level Dinosaur Genes Blaze Gale
Come Again Billiken 80-100 HP * Level Panda Genes None None
Tomorrow Billiken 184-185 HP * Level Panda Genes None None
Leviathan 55,1 HP * Level Fish Genes Magic, Gale

Physical, Aqua