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Bereshith Road is the final dungeon in Chaos Rings, accessible after opening the Original Door and returning to the game.


This dungeon consists of a series of hallways that lead from one elevator to the next, allowing the player to ascend to the top floor. One first moves to level 46, where the couple has to fight the Executioner on the way, then to level 137, where the True Agent must be defeated, and the Almighty must be fought at the top level. After defeating her, the couple may proceed to the Final Door where the Qualia can be fought later.



  1. Eluca Copy (Only in Eluca/Zhamo's route, and a one-on-one with Eluca only)
  2. The Executioner
  3. True Agent
  4. The Almighty
  5. The Atmans (each couple's doppelgangers)


  • Bereshith is the Hebrew name for the first book of the Bible, Genesis. It roughly translates "in the beginning", matching the start of the first verse.

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