Battle Mode is a game mode in Chaos Rings III. It lets players dive into short battles. You can receive awards when you meet certain conditions.


In Battle Mode, all characters are permanently available after they join the team for the first time in Story Mode, even if they're temporarily leaving in Story Mode. You possess the same items and genes in Story Mode and Battle Mode, but equipped genes are different.


After a battle, you'll be scored equal to the damage dealt to the enemy plus a bonus score for the MP used in battle. Battle scores are added to your total score, and when your total score reaches a certain amount, you'll open an item sheet for the current month. The total score is reset every Sunday midnight.

Lifeline itemsEdit

When selecting a battle in Battle Mode, you can choose up to four lifeline items to use in that battle. They can be purchased with Ohnz coins, or awarded by the daily mission.

Normal battlesEdit

Normal battles consist of a series of battles that must be unlocked one after another and can always be fought regardless of time. Each normal battle consists of 3 fights in a row against regular enemies that also appear in Story Mode, except for the very final fight against a unique boss: Catastroph.

Special battlesEdit

Special battles are only fought at time-limited tournaments. There are three kinds of tournaments: seasonal events, which last 2 weeks; boss battles, which last 1 week; and superboss battles, which only last 1 day. The first two can be fought in three difficulties: C-class (level 20), B-class (level 50) and A-class (level 80), while superbosses are always S-class (level 130).

Seasonal eventsEdit

A seasonal event tournament consists of 3 fights: the first two against normal monsters which cannot be encountered in Story Mode, and the final fight against a miniboss. You can open an item sheet after collecting 2 of the special event items, which have a chance to be dropped after the final fight.

In A-class seasonal events, before each of the 3 fights begin, you must draw one of the wild cards. Each card has a special effect, and if you win while under its effect, a wild card bonus is added to your total score. The effects stack over successive battles, and the bonus increases with them.

Event Start date End date Enemies Boss Rewards
New Yearfest 1 January 15 January Living Snow Statue
Winter Mountain Trap
Year-End Demon
Slopes Champ
Sweet Crab
Valentinefest 1 February 15 February
White Dayfest 1 March 15 March
Debutfest 1 April 15 April Precocious Prince
Summer Night
Field Runner
Star Debut
Ghost of Regret
Easterfest 1 May 15 May
Springfest 16 June 30 June Precocious Prince
Summer Night
Field Runner
Rossi Lanchester
Aura Cowra
Merci Lanchester
Starfest 1 July 15 July Field Runner
Summer Night
Deep-Sea Apparition
Midyear Fairy
Tree of Resolutions
Summerfest 1 August 15 August
Yummyfest 16 September 30 September
Halloweenfest 16 October 31 October
Autumnfest 1 November 15 November
Xmasfest 16 December 31 December Living Snow Statue
Winter Mountain Trap
Year-End Demon
Present Box

Boss battlesEdit

Each boss battle consist of a fight against a single boss monster. Beating this boss award a piece of visually different equipment.

Event Start date End date Boss Rewards
Angelic Suckers 1 June 7 June Muriel's Suckers Armor (Fire)
Angelic Nightmare 9 June 15 June Verchiel's Nightmare Weapon (Earth)
Angelic Jaws 16 July 23 July Hamaliel's Jaws Armor (Earth)
Angelic Mystic Beast 24 July 31 July Uriel's Mystic Beast Armor (Light)
Angelic Specter 16 August 23 August Barbiel's Specter Weapon (Fire)
Angelic Fatality 24 August 31 August Adnachiel's Fatality Armor (Dark)
Angelic Eradicator 1 September 7 September Gabriel's Eradicator Weapon (Ice)
Angelic Zombie 9 September 15 September Barachiel's Zombie Armor (Bolt)
Angelic Mech 1 October 7 October Machidiel's Mech Armor (Magic)
Angelic Twins 16 May / 9 October 23 May / 15 October Asmodel's Twins Weapon (Light)
Angelic Gold 24 May / 16 November 31 May Ambriel's Gold Armor (Physical)
Angelic Suckers 24 November 30 November Muriel's Suckers Armor (Fire)
Angelic Gun 1 December 7 December Hanael's Gun Armor (Ice)

Superboss battlesEdit

Superboss battles are only available during the 8th, 18th and 28th days of each month. These battles feature a powerful level 130 boss, a 'super' version of a boss encountered in the game. Beating a superboss award a piece of visually different equipment.

Dates Boss Rewards
8 June

28 June

28 November

Super Grazie
Super Prika
18 June

8 July

Super Aries Weapon (Earth)
18 July

8 August

Super Shyamalan Armor
28 July/Septemper Super Erik Armor
18 August/28 October Super Sagittarius Weapon (Fire)
28 August/8 November Super Dorothy Armor
8 September Super Volhelm Weapon (Ice)
18 September Super Auz Armor (Bolt)
8 October Super Mariv Armor (Magic)
18 October Super Drei 6 Weapon (Light)
18 November Super Old One Armor
8 December
18 December
28 December
Super Gemini Armor

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