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Auz (オース) is one of the Antagonists in Chaos Rings 3.

A member of the Thousand Voyagers. Also called "The Agent". The mysterious Auz is quiet in nature but brutal in the battlefield. He helped Volheim in his plans to find Paradise by opening the gate between Magma Ocean and Primordia and salvaging of the ancient Zodiac Arms. Alfred himself said that his power can even outmatch the Thousand Voyager's Strongest Explorer, Johannes, and He, Volheim and Auz was on the same team before they broke up the group.

Auz was voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa (緑川 光).


Auz has a very calm and collected nature. He is a tall man, aging from his 30s based on the looks, has an insignia on his forehead, a scar stretching from his lower lip down to his neck, and his eyes are very narrow, almost looking like they're closed. He wears the Thousand Voyagers Signature Suit. When in Combat, he can manipulate his swords rotating in his back, similar to a Gun Ring, but more powerful and very potent against multiple enemies at once. He even took Lucienne, Delacroix, and Chancellor Steiner with his weapon an inch to their necks, enabling them to not move. He also uses SR ranked Genes in his Arsenal, making him a formidable opponent.


The Protagonist's Group first met Auz in the Sunken City, due to him getting reports of the Moctopus appearing on shallow parts, which is rare. Auz also warned the group that the Moctopus are timid in nature, and not attacking unless provoked. After the battle with the Moctopus, Leary realized that the said opponent was already weaker compared on their first encounter, hinting that Auz already fought it but didn't killed it in the process.

The second meeting of the Group with Auz was when they barge through the Terraform Ark to meet Geiser. Auz was in a mission to retrieve the Zodiac Arc Sagittarius when he saw the Party, making him attack the intruders with no hesitation, but interrupted by Geiser himself.

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