Araki is a swordsman who previously fought Orlando on the battlefield, though the battle had no outcome. Now continues to seek out Orlando to settle the score once and for all.


Araki and Dawrin fighting a boss


Araki is a melee figher. He has exceptional attack damage, far above the rest. As a drawback he has the lowest speed, luck, defense, and MP stats in the game, but also the highest health.

Araki relies on dealing heavy sustained damage. His level one awaken deals bonus physical damage. His level two awake is similar but has a chance to execute an enemy. His sopia involves ignoring enemy armor and dealing bonus physical damage.

He uses katanas as a weapon. Due to his incredibly low speed, it is recommend to use the speed booster gem on him once obtained. 

Trivia Edit

  • He is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto.
  • According to an official Square Enix site, Araki is 30 years old at the beginning of the game, making him the oldest of the Pillars in the 1,685th Rite.
  • The art book that was included with the limited edition release of Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy lists his height as 190 cm and his blood type as AB.

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