Profile Edit

Al (アル) (short name for Alfred) is one of the Explorers in the Protagonist's party. He is also a member of the Thousand Voyagers and used to be a team member alongside Volhelm and Aux in their time. The Protagonist first meets him when he is conducting the Explorer's Trial, and he was at that point, a Rank III Explorer. At some point prior to the Protagonist's first meeting with Al, Al lost a fight to Drei 6 when Drei 6 attempted to take his wife Laetitia and daughter Elina away. During the confrontation, Al overused his ability to access Genes, resulting in him mutating. To prevent further mutation, Al gave up his access to Genes, thus allowing him to remain human, but losing his combat abilities. He also lost his legs to his mutation, which then required him to ask for replacement.

Daisuke noted that Al's combat ability was almost on a similar level as the Protagonist's team, which made him question his position as a Rank III Explorer. Al patiently advised that his rank came with experience rather than power.

Towards the end of the game, Elroux and the Protagonist will realize that Al eventually lost his memory at some point in a different timeline and appeared a thousand years ago in Paradise. Al met the human Mariv of the past and had Elroux as their daughter. During the Entity's catastrophe, they all gained the planet's power to survive until the present. In order to mask his identity, Al used an alias: Johannes.

Equipment Edit

Al usually wears a T shirt, pants, a cap, and sneakers, and carries a long katana.

Combat Edit

Al is one of the two members who can deal multiple hits easily, thus he is very efficient with building combos. With his second Art Ascendant skill, a team built for multihits can hit up to 40 hits. His stats are the most all-rounder, having a balanced health, mp and power. As a result, Al is suited for any role that you would like him to perform.

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